Niu x Waves - Vlog

  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 6 - New Shipment

    Shot out to TNT to grab the latest shipment of sunnies, take you through what it's like sorting through stock also. Not the most glamorous part of the job but it's all part of it. Have a watch!
  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 5 - West Sydney

    Chopped it up with the boys out west at 135 Studio check it out.

    If you're ever out west stop by for a fade! 

  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 4 - Sydney City Tour

    Have a watch as we have a little walk through Sydney City.
  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 3 - Packing Tingz

    In this video I just go through the packaging process on our side, giving you an insight of how everything works and what you can expect. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more 
  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 2 - Photos For the Website

    Hey All, We're closing in on launching! Everything's coming together nicely. So far we've ordered a few samples in from suppliers, locked in our fi...
  • Niu x Waves - Vlog # 1 - Pre-Launch

    We're almost ready to lanch!